AND EMILI is a digital agency based in Reggio Emilia with a technological heart and a creative eye, specialised in digital projects, marketing and online business strategies.


A new brand with a long digital experience since 1997: AND EMILI was born from the history of Arscolor Interactive, one of the first digital agencies in Italy. Digital experience is our technological and creative soul, always oriented towards the future, reliable and visionary. We love technology, we invest in people, we believe in team work, we like to be clear, to get to know things and go deeper into them.

nuova nel DNA AND EMILI
digital experience


AND EMILI, Emilian in its name and world citizen, is constantly looking for dialogue, listening and collaboration. This is why the AND EMILI brand takes life when it's placed next to the name of people, clients, users or collaborators. AND EMILI was born from a project path shared with its people. We have defined it as careful, open, curious, a listener. This is the way we work with our clients.

UX is our DNA

Our consultancy is based on User Experience: For AND EMILI, UX is not a trendy term but the project, ethical, disciplinary guide of the digital agency.

Product design is our focus

The User Experience drives our work, and reaching the client's objectives is what inspires our commitment. How can we bring together methods and needs? Through Digital Product Design.

Co-design is how we talk

We co-design processes and products with clients: at the centre there are their vision and needs, the AND EMILI team activates all its digital competencies. We face the most complex challenges with an open, organised dialogue.


AND EMILI is constantly looking for dialogue, listening and collaboration.
Do you want to tell us about your goals? Write to us, we will be happy to meet you and work together on the best ways to reach them.