Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We take people into the digital journey with their passions, preferences and needs, up to their interest for products and services offered by companies and brands.

Choosing the right channel

AND EMILI supports companies in the choice of the right tools to reach potential clients: channel definition (social, search, email...), creation of high-added-value contents for the target, planning and realisation of online campaigns, interaction with sales outlets and physical places.

KPIs Analysis

AND EMILI identifies the performance indicators more in line with the business goal, in order to update the client on the investment made and the performance of the actions undertaken.

Our KPIs are both qualitative and quantitative: number of leads, average cost of a lead or sale, count of shares, quality of the interactions with followers/users and much more.


  • Target definition
  • Identification of the sales funnel and significant channels (Facebook search, Linkedin, others).
  • Production of added-value contents (whitepaper, contests, fun videos, other)
  • Planning of a campaign (creativity, tools, leading page)
  • Acquisition of leads (or sales, depending on the project) through lead generation campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin, AdWords, SEO, email)
  • Performance measurement and perfectioning

Relevant Projects

Lead Generation B2B In The Agricultural Equipment Field

Lead Generation B2B In The Agricultural Equipment Field

Multichannel planning, retargeting and optimization for generating business opportunities in a complex sector.

Virtual Booth - Kohler AND EMILI

Kohler Virtual Booth

Overcoming physical distancing with a virtual booth and the lead generation platform by AND EMILI.

Simonelli Group - Social Strategy

Social Strategy Simonelli Group

Designing the social media strategy for the brands of Simonelli Group and managing the editorial plan day by day.


AND EMILI is constantly looking for dialogue, listening and collaboration.
Do you want to tell us about your goals? Write to us, we will be happy to meet you and work together on the best ways to reach them.