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Virtual Agent

Our virtual agents are engineered to handle advanced tasks such as customer assistance, content creation, and visual data analysis, operating non-stop to support your business needs.

A Virtual Agent at Your Business's Service

Powered by artificial intelligence, our virtual agent interacts with people using natural language, both textually and vocally. Unlike traditional chatbots that rely on decision trees and pre-mapped questions and answers, our virtual agent can conduct conversations as a human operator would. It accesses external services via APIs, responds promptly to user queries 24/7, and executes complex tasks such as content generation and data analysis.

The virtual agent's knowledge base can be fed with content from your website or any relevant documents, allowing it to gain a deep understanding of your business context.

AND EMILI's virtual agents utilize a sophisticated cognitive architecture that incorporates state-of-the-art Large Language Models alongside other Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. This includes entity extraction, tagging, and embedding, to provide more accurate and relevant responses.

Our agents go beyond answering linear questions; they operate as thinking entities, following hierarchical protocols and processes. This enables them to select the most appropriate tools for each task. For example, they are capable of performing advanced calculations, geolocating points of sale, or navigating your website to find relevant information before providing thoughtful responses.

Benefits of the Virtual Agent

Flexibility and Adaptability: Our agents understand and respond to a wide range of natural language requests, surpassing the limits of script-based chatbots.

Continuous Learning: Through machine learning, they constantly improve by learning from
past interactions and mistakes.

Personalization: They offer customized responses based on the user's specific context or interaction history.

Customer Service Efficiency: They handle multiple requests simultaneously, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Integration and Scalability: They can be integrated with various systems and platforms.

Complex Task Management: Capable of supporting decision-making or analyzing large volumes of data.


From conversations to business intelligence

Our platform includes a dashboard for advanced analysis of data collected by the virtual agent through user interactions.

You can view data crucial for business intelligence, such as the most discussed topics, sentiment towards certain products/services, the coherence of website content with customer requests, and user behavior post-chatbot interaction. This allows to:

  • improving the user experience and potential for search engine positioning (SEO)by optimizing content and, if necessary, the website structure;
  • refining the offer of services/products by understanding customer needs and identifying areas for improvement.

Additional Services

  • Analysis of conversations and sentiment through data mining and text mining.
  • Strategic consulting to optimize user experience and digital content.
  • Training and support.

Technical Plus

  • Advanced cognitive architecture.
  • Integration with CRM and marketing automation services.
  • Integration with leading commercial and open-source linguistic models (LLMs).
  • Serverless microservices architecture fully managed by Amazon AWS.
  • Chatbot customization and integration with the client's digital assets (web, social, messaging apps).

Relevant Projects

representative image of the AI virtual agent developed for Credem

Development of a virtual agent for 24/7 customer care

Emily is Credem's artificial intelligence, designed to enhance both prospect and the customer experience by responding in real-time from the bank's website.

website design for a restaurants company

A digital strategy for an international goal

A precious cultural DNA to be preserved and new international challenges to be undertaken.

school menu and nutrition app


A daily companion for schools and parents for the nutrition of children.


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