Paid Advertising and Digital Media Planning
Paid Advertising and Digital Media Planning

Digital Media Planning

Digital media planning aimed at achieving the best results at the minimum cost per conversion.

Digital media planning

To AND EMILI, paid advertising represents the synthesis where creativity, strategy, tracking, and monitoring converge. Listening to clients and connecting with them, understanding their goals allows us to define a digital media mix, ensuring that ad spending is always fully optimized.

We can achieve sales goals, lead generation, visibility, or traffic to retail stores; in any case, the client can monitor and verify the results in real-time.

Learning from experience

AND EMILI has extensive experience with international campaigns for different markets with heterogeneous objectives: from the generation of business leads to online sales, from brand awareness to online fundraising.

We manage the client's budget as if it were our own; we offer value-added consultancy, which involves sharing knowledge with our clients; the goal is to maximize the results, not the ad spending.


  • consultancy in defining digital objectives
  • effective allocation of the digital media mix
  • creativity and planning
  • KPI monitoring and reporting
  • continuous optimization of campaigns to improve results


AND EMILI is constantly looking for dialogue, listening and collaboration.
Do you want to tell us about your goals? Write to us, we will be happy to meet you and work together on the best ways to reach them.