NHAG  Implements Campaign

Multi-market b2b lead generation: New Holland Agriculture equipment

An international B2B lead generation campaign, aimed at promoting sales of agricultural equipment in six European countries for one of the largest global players in the agricultural sector.

The Client

New Holland, a CNH Industrial group company, is one of the largest companies in the world in the agricultural equipment manufacturing sector. It offers a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment and has a strong global presence through a widespread network of dealers.


Qualified Leads

8% sales conversions

from 02/21/2022 to 04/30/2022



average permanence of users on the landing page

from 02/21/2022 to 04/30/2022


Unique Clicks

consolidating client's awareness

from 02/21/2022 to 04/30/2022


The digital campaign lasted three months and generated 675 qualified leads. 8% of these leads resulted in a final sale for our client.

Collaterally, with more than 10.4M impressions and 32.97K clicks, paid activities have helped to generate awareness in the relevant competitive scenario, consolidating the client's positioning.

The result exceeded the goals set for the campaign and confirmed a strong demand for this type of product, which opens up future sales opportunities for the brand.


The client turned to AND EMILI to collect the largest number of contacts in order to sell their agricultural machinery equipment. In the B2B lead generation strategy, a promotion was offered to users:

a discount offered via a voucher, to be redeemed by entering user data in a form provided on the dedicated landing page we created.

The main lead generation objective was paired with an awareness purpose: the client wanted indeed to consolidate its position as a leading brand not only in the production of machinery, but also of accessory equipment.


Both on Meta Ads and on Google Ads we created multi-market campaigns optimized for conversions that pointed to product landing pages specifically developed for each single market.

These pages, mainly focused on conversion, also met a strong need for information from users, confirmed by a high average time spent on the landing page, amounting to 4:30 minutes.

Alongside the development of the landing pages, we integrated the client's CRM with our lead collection platform. In this case, every time a user filled out the form on the page, our systems generated a personalized voucher with a unique code, which was then sent by email to the beneficiary.

Each activity was tracked with Google Analytics, Google Ads tags and the Facebook Pixel.

During the period of activity of the campaigns, different audiences were created and tested: retargeting lists, audiences based on specific interests, lookalikes and custom segments on search keywords.

In each creativity, great importance has been given to the voucher, to communicate simply and straightforwardly the benefit for the user. At the same time, the product was present in every graphic declination to meet the second objective of the client: creating awareness of its range of implements.

The carousel format used on Meta had the precise objective of presenting the entire range of products through a series of slides, each dedicated to a single piece of equipment.

Static images and videos have been used to show the products at work on the field.

To integrate the activities on all the involved platforms, we supported the client in the production of technical specifications for the Direct Email Marketing (DEM) activity, providing them with the creativity in HTML format, the copy, the Call to Action and the tracking parameters.

The ads featured in the campaign were also declined as organic (unpaid) posts in the social editorial plan of the markets. We implemented this action with the purpose of building awarness: the audience of these publications is indeed made of people who already know the brand and follow it on social networks. Although there was no clickable Call To Action (unlike the buttons offered by Meta for sponsored content), the publications still generated 5% of total leads.

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