Successful online fundraising campaign for non-profit Amref

Online fundraising campaign

An online campaign to raise funds and increase awareness among donors: social sharing generates solidarity

The Client

Amref Health Africa is a non-profit organization, independent, not linked to political parties or religious organizations, which through cooperation promotes the right to health of disadvantaged populations in Africa.

Objectives of the campaign

For the 2018 Christmas campaign, Amref has a twofold objective:

  • encourage sales of solidarity gifts on their e-commerce site;
  • raise awareness of the issue of neonatal mortality, focusing on the first 28 days of life, critical for the survival of newborn children in Africa.

The challenge must take into account the highly competitive scenario for the high number of similar initiatives in the Christmas period, and the attention that media and public opinion devote to the work of NGOs, especially on social networks.


To meet the objectives and challenges AND EMILI has established the following coordinates for the online campaign:

  • microtargeting to reach only users who are potentially interested in the purchase;
  • mobilization of donors and sympathizers, in order to amplify the organic communication and reduce the acquisition cost;
  • data-driven planning: actions and channels are chosen on the basis of evidence provided by the data (search volumes for relevant keywords, analysis of competitors' campaigns...);
  • creativity: graphics and copywriting for each online channel;
  • day-by-day management: the results are checked daily and the subsequent actions are calibrated accordingly.

Aligned creativity

AND EMILI curated all the creative aspects of the different online channels used in the campaign.

To identify the messages of Amref and users we created the hashtag #UnRegaloCheConta (A Gift that Counts) that refers to the value of the donation and the 28-day count essential for the survival of a newborn child in Africa. The two main audiences, donor and prospect, were targeted with copywriting that addresses the values of each one.

AND EMILI has also created the graphics of all the instances, from DEM to banners, to landing pages: for the latter we conducted A / B tests to identify the solutions with the greatest conversion potential, both in terms of transactions and shares.

Results that count

To measure the effectiveness of the campaign we have identified the following KPIs:

  • value of transactions
  • average cost of a transaction
  • shares / engagement

Through daily monitoring and periodic reports, we verified the returns of the campaign, which achieved a positive ROAS of 172.20%. Revenues were 26.60% higher than the 2017 campaign and the average invested budget was much lower.

In the Client's Words

« Capisci di trovarti di fronte ad un’agenzia competente quando, alla prima proposta di campagna e pianificazione, centra da subito il tuo obiettivo. Quello a cui puntava Amref per la Campagna di Natale 2018 era rinnovarne la veste solidale, promuovendo quei doni dal carattere più simbolico e valoriale che ci avrebbero permesso di avvicinare i donatori più sensibili.
AND EMILI ha raccontato il progetto “28 giorni” legandolo abilmente ad una call to action originale e ad un meccanismo virtuoso di condivisione tra il pubblico, ponendo massima attenzione e cura sia agli aspetti visuali della campagna che all’ottimizzazione dei canali di sponsorizzazione. Ma il successo della campagna è visibile dai risultati che abbiamo ottenuto, ben al di sopra delle aspettative. Siamo felici di aver incontrato questo nuovo partner e speriamo di trovare altri progetti su cui collaborare insieme. Grazie ad AND EMILI per l’attenzione e la professionalità di tutto il suo team. »

G. C. - Individuals & Middle Donors

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