Repositioning the offer on the web

Communicate the repositioning of the brand through the digital channel to attract new customers and get new commercial opportunities.

The Client

CIRFOOD is one of the major Italian mass and commercial catering companies and a corporate welfare service provider. Thanks to the work of 13,000 people, it supplies more than 85 million meals in Italy.

From meal vouchers to Welfare

BluBe is the new CIRFOOD division that includes BluTicket meal vouchers and provides new services of Corporate Welfare and gift vouchers.
AND EMILI, together with CIRFOOD has designed the new BluBe website, to communicate the new, improved offer, in line with the new image and communication campaign.

One brand, different targets, different goals

The first challenge for BluBe is to communicate the new services to the different targets, first of all companies, commercial and catering activities.
We address each of them to show the advantages that BluBe can offer: the business climate, the employee's welfare, competitiveness for the company; or visibility and customer loyalty for commercial and catering activities.

From knowledge to call to action

The site has been thought to allow the user to quickly go from the knowledge of products and services, to action.
Each path offers specific call to actions, significant both for the UX and the business goals: information request, commercial contacts, online purchase of meal and gift vouchers, circuit affiliation requests for catering and public activities.

Performing technology

The technological solutions adopted by AND EMILI are oriented towards reactivity, scalability and the improvement of the User Experience on different devices and in different contexts of use.

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