website design for a restaurants company

A digital strategy for an international goal

A precious cultural DNA to be preserved and new international challenges to be undertaken.

The Client

Active in Italy and abroad with 13,000 people and over 85 million meals delivered, CIRFOOD is among the largest Italian companies operating in the field of collective and commercial catering and corporate welfare.

An international challenge

CIRFOOD decided to rethink its website with AND EMILI, to reflect the new corporate strategy and the new challenges that see the group open to international markets: new targets and new directions to focus on, maintaining the DNA of a reality rooted in the Emilia area in Italy.

Listening and collaborating

Our work always starts from co-design: we interviewed the stakeholders and gathered the views of the CIRFOOD leadership to outline a framework of expectations and intentions that was as rich and diversified as possible.

We collected and analyzed all the available market research to focus on the key touch points between the CIRFOOD brand and users.

Communication value

We have therefore organized our findings in models: personas, customer journeys, wireframes, prototypes.

Our project proposal focuses on three key points:

  • communication aimed at strategic targets;
  • landing pages dedicated to the main services offered by CIRFOOD, that introduce the key points and the relevant case histories;
  • mobile first: when browsing from smartphones the business-critical contents and CTAs are brought to the forefront, in order to shorten the path to key information.

Strengthening the Client’s identity

With the new business agenda it is essential for CIRFOOD to communicate continuity with its core values and its territorial and cultural heritage.

Ample space has been devoted to themes such as environmental sustainability and a healthy eating culture. The Client's identity as a cooperative company is strengthened by means of areas and contents dedicated to shareholders and employees.

Multi-market/language platform

Crucial for the management of multi-market and multi-language content is a CMS capable of simplifying all the operations: from the translation of texts and labels to the duplication of contents from one market to another with the possibility of differentiating them later. AND EMILI CMS guarantees flexibility and robustness in this area; it also provides access to market-specific contents to each local team.

Meaningful results

In the first three months after its launch (February-May 2019), the CIRFOOD website records improvements of all indicators, both quantitative and qualitative. The site attracts many new users (65% of the total) and the bounce rate has dropped by almost 20% compared to 2018. Very good are page views (+ 20.5%) and number of sessions (+8.8 %), as well as the positioning with respect to the most relevant organic searches.

In the Client's Words

« AND EMILI è riuscita a tradurre in modo efficace la nostra visione Feed the Future e i nostri obiettivi di business all’interno di un sito web che oggi è in grado di esprimere sul web l’essenza della nostra unicità. » 

L. M. - Comunicazione e Marketing CIRFOOD

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