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“Non aiutateci per carità” (Don’t help us out of pity): how we transformed Amref’s claim in an integrated digital strategy.

The Client

Amref is a non-profit organization, committed to cooperation activities focused on promoting the right to health of Africa and Africans.


average cost per lead

lower than that we estimated in the tender phase



lead deduplication rate

Reduction of the repeated data and expansion of the DB



2022 saw an average CPL (cost per lead) 27.13% lower than that we estimated in the tender phase, which was calculated on the basis of the results of previous years. Furthermore, we highlight a significant improvement in the lead deduplication rate, which decreased by 62%. The deduplication rate is a particularly important figure for the client, as the main objective of his investment is to acquire new contacts, not yet listed in the database. A high percentage of deduplicated leads indicates that many of the leads acquired through campaigns are already in the database. Reducing the deduplication rate means increasing the number of new contacts for the client.


Developing an integrated advertising plan aimed at fundraising Amref’s projects.
The project includes communication activities to support brand awareness and lead generation activities, useful for populating lists of profiled audiences in line with the values promoted by Amref and interested in supporting its projects.


What are the key steps of the digital strategy?
The first step was establishing the objectives of the project and identifying the Key Performance Indicators. We therefore identified the targets interested in Amref's communication. AND EMILI's experience from previously working on fundraising activities simplified this phase. We then defined which platforms to include in the digital planning, based on the objectives, the size of the available media budget and the profiles we wanted to reach.


Which media and which content? 

After the first phase of analysis we decided to work on:

  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Google Ads Grants

The AND EMILI team then focused on the most important part of the strategy: identifying the contents to be created for each of the different stages of the interaction between the brand and the public. The ability to reach a target audience, with the correct message at the right moment, is the key to the success of AND EMILI's media planning projects.
These are the topics we covered:

  • Women rights
  • Children protection
  • Water and sanitation
  • Health
  • Afrophobia

Ad-hoc contents have been created for each theme: advertising and video formats distributed on the different platforms according to an a/b test logic, in order to maximize the dissemination of the most relevant messages.



What was the tone of voice of the communication?
Amref's message is peculiar and well represented by the claim "Non aiutateci per carità", a wordplay which means "Don't help us out of pity".
This approach rejects the easy appeal of pity and chooses to convey a different concept of donation: not charity, but growth and development.
Such considerations represented an essential starting point in AND EMILI's strategy and were kept in mind when declining the message and related advertising formats.


Fine tuning

How was it possible to fine-tune the digital strategy along the way?

The timely monitoring of performance indicators and the resulting adaptation of the spending strategy based on observed metrics have made it possible to optimize the budget and achieve the client's objectives.

In order to have accurate data, and not be stuck with the metrics offered by the single platform (e.g. Meta or Google), we have integrated and harmonized the data coming from the different sources, that are:

  • digital platforms 
  • the client’s CRM
  • telemarketing

Thanks to marketing automation we managed to make integration processes more efficient and optimize the delivery of leads to the customer.
The activity was then monitored on a monthly basis and shared through reporting documents developed by the AND EMILI data analyst team in accordance with the client’s needs.

In the Client's Words

Nel corso degli anni AND EMILI si è dimostrata una realtà ampiamente strutturata, capace di offrire supporto strategico e assistenza operativa sempre puntuali. La nostra collaborazione - confermata nel corso degli anni - è iniziata con la gestione dell’ecosistema digitale di Amref, ambito in cui siamo riusciti a raggiungere il giusto equilibrio tra l’identità dell’organizzazione e gli obiettivi di conversione. Oggi AND EMILI per Amref non è solo un fornitore di servizi digitali ma un partner competente, proattivo, performante e profondamente ingaggiato con la mission dell’organizzazione.

V.C. Digital Acquisition Specialist, Amref Italia

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