Online campaign for the generation of quality leads in the agricultural sector

Online campaign for the generation of quality leads in the agricultural industry

Leverage the synergies between SEO, social and paid advertising to inform potential customers and generate quality business leads.

The Client

New Holland Agriculture, a CNH Industrial company, provides a wide range of agricultural machines and accessories, offers global presence, proximity to the customer thanks to a solid network of dealers and to leading solutions for profitable and sustainable agriculture.

Know the market to seize marketing opportunities

Thanks to some changes in the fiscal and lawmaking fields, in 2020 Italian farmers were offered a series of opportunities meant to boost the purchase or renewal of agricultural equipment. The marketing department of New Holland Agriculture Italy therefore decided to launch a web project with the purpose of informing customers and prospects about tax breaks, while also offering a dedicated consultancy service through its dealer network. AND EMILI supported the New Holland team through all phases of the project, from defining the strategy to building the funnel and the required assets, up to planning for the digital channels.

Demand analysis on search engines

During the early stages of the project, an in-depth SEO analysis was carried out to identify the questions and keywords about tax breaks in the agricultural sector that were most searched by users. The resulting data allowed the production of highly relevant, useful content for the target audience. An informative mini-site,, was populated with these contents, and was constantly updated to follow the evolution of the fiscal and lawmaking scenarios.

Designing the funnel and developing assets

The mini-site was used to intercept "cold audience", users looking for information who were positioned at the top of the acquisition funnel. Banners and tools were then readied to elicit action from the hottest users who had already interacted with the information content. The latter were led on the conversion path to a dedicated landing page where they could request a free consultancy service.

Digital and social planning

Planning the paid campaign to support the initiative involved both Google Ads Search and Display networks and social networks via Facebook Ads. The New Holland Agriculture Italia corporate website and the plans of the social channels managed by the brand have been integrated with posts, stories and content dedicated to the project.



2020 - 2021


Lead collected

2020 - 2021

2 Million


2020 - 2021


Thanks to an integrated strategy that involved all the channels of the brand and to the excellent rankings obtained by the informative mini-site on search engines (including many "zero positions" on SERPs), the project was a huge success in terms of both coverage and lead generation.

Thousands of users have requested consultancy service from New Holland dealers, with extremely low conversion costs. The informative mini-site recorded more than 270,000 sessions (about 25% from organic search!) and the ads on the advertising platforms generated over 20 million impressions and nearly 2 million interactions.

In the Client's Words

Con più di 3.300 lead raccolti, la campagna Incentivi agricoltura è stata un successo! AND EMILI è in grado di comprendere le richieste del brand, elaborare una strategia e raggiungere gli obiettivi. In ambito digitale è ormai una garanzia.

V.F. - Digital Communication New Holland Italia

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