Virtual Booth - Kohler AND EMILI

Kohler Virtual Booth

Overcoming physical distancing with a virtual booth and the lead generation platform by AND EMILI.

The Client

Kohler is a leading multinational engine manufacturer with more than 100 years of history. It offers a full range of diesel, gasoline and gas engines, that are supplied worldwide to manufacturers of construction, agricultural, industrial and gardening equipment.

The challenge of distance

Trade fairs have always been one of the most important occasions to make supply and demand meet in the B2B field. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has forced companies to suspend or limit these opportunities.

How could we bring the trade fair experience online? How could we promote the individual business contact in the absence of physical contact? Kohler with AND EMILI set out to devise new ways to overcome the limitations of the historical period we live in.

Solution: Virtual Booth

Kohler has decided to leverage the potential of digital channels to reproduce the experience of visiting the exhibition booth.

Kohler Virtual Booth was designed and developed with AND EMILI for making customers get in touch with the product, book online calls with the sales team and sign up for training webinars.

Thanks to immersive 3D reality with guided tours and multimedia content, users can discover the new key features of Kohler products and learn more about details they are interested in.


Generating valuable leads

Pivotal to the project is the generation and profiling of highly valuable business contacts. In this respect Kohler Virtual Booth acts as an advanced landing page aimed at maximizing contact opportunities from any source (DEM, organic search...).

The efficiency of the conversion funnel is ensured by the lead generation platform from AND EMILI, which makes the acquisition process automatic and monitors the generated contacts.

Through a careful setup of the analytics, each CTA is tracked in terms of conversion rate; impressions, clicks, leads are constantly monitored to account for the project's ROI.

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