Lead Generation B2B In The Agricultural Equipment Field

Lead Generation B2B In The Agricultural Equipment Field

Multichannel planning, retargeting and optimization for generating business opportunities in a complex sector.

The Client

New Holland Agriculture, a CNH Industrial company, provides a wide range of agricultural machines and accessories, offers global presence, proximity to the customer thanks to a solid network of dealers and to leading solutions for profitable and sustainable agriculture.


For spring 2019 the New Holland Agriculture Italy marketing team devised a vertical campaign on two high-power tractors with the goal of generating as many in-target contacts as possible interested in this type of machine. The campaign offered a special bargain price and, in order to take advantage of it, the user was required  to fill out a form which would be followed by the contact from a dealer.

Note that, despite the promotional offer, the cost of the two machines was 42,000 and 53,000 € respectively.

AND EMILI then worked with New Holland on deploying the web campaign.


After acquiring the project brief and creative guidelines, we identified the main targets on each platform. Particular attention was paid to the construction of retargeting lists based on previous user interactions with certain strategic contents such as product sheets on the site and downloaded brochures.

We then developed a landing page and planned dedicated announcements on Google Ads Search and Display networks and on Facebook and Instagram.

The campaing was developed in two phases:

  1. In the first phase, the main goal was the acquisition of large volumes of traffic with the dual purpose of feeding the retargeting lists and optimizing the campaign under different aspects (e.g. message and copy, keywords, targeting criteria).
  2. The second phase was focused on maximizing conversions, insisting consistently on remarketing.

Each touchpoint was tracked with Google Analytics, Google Ads tags and Facebook Pixel. The campaign progress was monitored both via the tools provided by the advertising platforms and via a dashboard in Google Data Studio for overview and periodic reports.

5 milions

Impressions on Google Networks

March 13 - May 31, 2019

2 milions

Impressions on Facebook / Instagram

March 13 - May 31, 2019



March 13 - May 31, 2019


Generated Leads

March 13 - May 31, 2019


New Holland had set a specific target on the number of leads to be collected. At the end of the campaign, which lasted about two and a half months, this goal was achieved.

In addition, the sales network data revealed that a high number of users went straight to their dealer of choice to take advantage of the offer after seeing the ads, despite not having completed the dedicated form. The figure is justified, in part, by the large reach of the campaign: the ads recorded more than 5 million impressions on the Google Networks and about 2 millions on Facebook / Instagram, generating a total of about 88,700 clicks.

An interesting result was the contribution of social media. In particular, Instagram has proven to be an effective source of lead acquisition even in a sector apparently far from the logic of the channel, with an lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA) compared to other placements.

The collected data also provided useful evidence for future activities. Note for instance that more than 80% of leads have converted from mobile.

In the Client's Words

Il nostro Brand vuole aprirsi sempre di più al marketing digitale. La campagna realizzata con AND EMILI ha unito creatività comunicativa a un approccio tecnico, due fattori essenziali per la costruzione di una strategia efficace, con obiettivi chiari e misurabili. La campagna ha prodotto risultati che hanno superato le nostre aspettative.

F. Z. - Marketing & Communication Manager New Holland Italia

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