Ceramiche Keope


Representing the needs and desires of the customers with design proposals for their home on the digital channel

The Client

Ceramiche Keope is a company of the Atlas Concorde group, leading manufacturer of porcelain stoneware floors and wall coverings.

Four paths to meet the goals

The objectives set by Ceramiche Keope for the creation of the new brand website are:

  • Increase opportunities for contact with customers and professionals;
  • Improve the user experience;
  • Implement a fully responsive and technologically updated site.

To meet them, we organized our activities in four main paths: Customer Journey, Visual Communication, Efficient Technology, Measurability of Results.

Customer Journey: the success of the user is the success of the brand

The success of the user in her quest for the right product translates into the success of the site, and therefore of the brand. 

We have therefore outlined customer journeys marked by the fundamental touchpoints of the purchase experience in this sector: collection of ideas, search for inspiration, search for product information, comparison of features, contact to enquire about Keope dealers.

The navigation is designed to facilitate these paths: from a conversational product search, in which the user naturally specifies what she needs, to suggestions of similar products in terms of usage and features. Request Info and Find Dealer buttons are always available.

Visual communication: highlighting the product in the context

The aesthetic value of Keope products is conveyed through large images, that show real settings: an emotional communication conveys inspiration and usage suggestions that motivate the user to learn more about the product.

The graphic style of the site is minimal, to facilitate navigation and further highlight settings and products.

Efficient technology

The fully responsive layout allows ideal navigation on all devices, always keeping the functions relevant for users in evidence.

Content is managed via the AND EMILI CMS, customized to the Client’s requirements, which guarantees SEO optimization, rapid and intuitive updating, efficient management of translations and localizations, expandability.

Measurable results

We defined KPIs to evaluate the performance of the site: this allows us to understand how many users arrive at the end of the funnels, and where to improve the journey. By measuring the customer success rate we can provide the Client with ROI reports in detail.

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