Engine Monitoring App: KOHLER® Engines CheckApp

KOHLER® Engines CheckApp

Keep professional engines at maximum efficiency thanks to a mobile app.

The Client

Kohler is a leading multinational engine manufacturer with more than 100 years of history. It offers a full range of diesel, gasoline and gas engines, that are supplied worldwide to manufacturers of construction, agricultural, industrial and gardening equipment.

Services provided

The Challenge: Make Data Talk To Users

Proper maintenance is pivotal for maintaining the engine over time.
Planning it in advance requires timely monitoring of working hours and engine operating parameters.

For this purpose, Kohler has developed two digital dongles (Check Plus and Check Lite) that connect to the engine, track relevant metrics and make data available to authorized devices.

The Solution: an App that Simplifies Maintenance

The new KOHLER® Engines CheckApp for smartphones connects securely to the dongle, thus accessing the engine status and making a number of features available to the user:

  • engine status diagnostics;
  • virtual dashboard for viewing the operating values in real time;
  • supporting documentation;
  • maintenance planning;
  • purchasing spare parts with dedicated promotions and discounts.

User registration is required to access KOHLER® Engines CheckApp functions.

KOHLER® Engines CheckApp: Features

Designed by Kohler with AND EMILI with a focus on usability, KOHLER® Engines CheckApp was developed by AND EMILI for iOS and Android smartphones. It ensures smooth performance and usability on a wide range of devices and is able to connect to the advanced Kohler Check Plus dongle via Bluetooth. KOHLER® Engines CheckApp is available for free in the app stores in 7 languages.


KOHLER® Engines CheckApp is especially useful for professionals and fleet managers who need to keep track of multiple machines: with scheduled maintenance based on usage data they always have all engines under control, and are able to plan downtimes to minimize their impact on work, thus increasing the productivity of the machines.

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