Online virtual business event for Illva Saronno


A digital event for communicating and interacting with colleagues, partners and distributors all over the world.

The Client

ILLVA Saronno S.p.A. is an Italian company with an international presence specialized in the production and marketing of spirits and wines.

Overcoming physical limitations

The annual convention is the gathering moment where results, new objectives and future business opportunities are shared with the partners.

It is an opportunity to renew the sense of being part of the company and focus the team's energy towards growth.

How can we render the experience of the physical event in digital format?


The marketing department of ILLVA, Arscolor Media Production and AND EMILI have developed a project that overcomes physical limitations through an interactive and multi-channel online experience.

The managers were filmed in real time and placed inside a virtual CGI stage.

The contributions presented during the event included: videos, animated slides, interactive presentations, international contributions and live Q&A sessions.


Hundreds of dealers from all over the world took part in the virtual Illva Saronno event.

The project required designing and tracking the entire user journey: from the invitation to registration, from accessing the session to interactions; by doing so, it was possible to collect information for customer care and upselling purposes.

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