ILLVA Brand Portal

Web platform for supporting sales persons and distributors

Quickly and efficiently convey the global vision and the strategic cores of the offer.

The Client

ILLVA Saronno S.p.A. is an Italian company with an international reach, specialized in producing and distributing wines and spirits.


In a scenario of strong expansion of ILLVA Saronno’s portfolio, that saw the introduction of new brands and of many products, the company felt the need to provide its sales network with a simple, interactive tool to quickly and efficiently convey its global vision and the strategic cores of their offering.


ILLVA Saronno web platform is a digital content hub, through which the sales team and distributors can easily and securely access always up-to-date marketing contents.

What does the platform feature?

  • Introduction to ILLVA Saronno’s world;
  • Strategic guidelines for each brand/product;
  • Guidelines for off/on-trade activations, with a focus on on-trade world and standard activation;
  • High-quality files repository.

What are its main characteristics?

  • access reserved to sales network and distributors only;
  • intuitive interface for easily finding and navigating contents;
  • users and contents are managed by ILLVA Saronno.

How does content updating work?

Brand managers can autonomously update contents related to the brands they are responsible for, thanks to a secure and user-friendly CMS.

Which technologies is it based on?

The platform is based on the open-source CMS Umbraco 10 and Microsoft .NET 6 technology. Content search leverages the Lucene.NET engine, one of the most effective full-text search engines, to ensure a swift navigation of the contents.
PDFs are integrated within the HTML code in Adobe InDesign presentations via PDF.js for a seamless, interruption-free experience.

How are reports and metrics managed?

Together with the ILLVA Saronno team we determined main project KPIs. Measurements are conducted both individually and in aggregated form (typology/role) and include most meaningful metrics:

  • sessions count;
  • usage time;
  • most viewed contents;
  • most downloaded contents.

AND EMILI also provided ILLVA Saronno with a web dashboard where they can monitor project KPIs in real time.


In less than a month since its release the platform has been adopted by 100% of the sales network.

In the Client's Words

Grazie all’elevata competenza e affidabilità di AND EMILI siamo riusciti a lanciare internamente un portale funzionale, coinvolgente e facile da usare che rispondesse perfettamente ai nostri obiettivi. La disponibilità e la flessibilità del team che ci ha seguiti ha reso possibile la creazione di uno strumento altamente personalizzato, ottenendo anche un riscontro molto alto da parte della forza vendita.

M. I. - Brand Champion Disaronno

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