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Enhancing Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing Strategy

How we helped Kaeser Italy optimize their use of HubSpot and improve their digital strategy

The Client

Kaeser Kompressoren is a leading company in the production of compressors and compressed air systems. With three production sites and 7,500 employees, it offers a wide range of products and is present in over 140 countries, with a focus on the EU, US, Latin America, and Southeast Asia markets.


Increase of web traffic

Compared to 2021



Landing page views

Compared to 2021



Registered contacts on the CRM

Compared to 2021



Increase of web traffic to blogs, landing pages, and the corporate site by 18%, landing page views by 388%, and registered contacts on the CRM by 360%. Expansion of acquisition channels and consolidation of the digital marketing mix.


Kaeser Compressors' Italian division adopted the HubSpot platform in 2019 for its marketing automation and inbound marketing strategy. In 2022, the marketing department aimed to update this strategy, improve performance on digital channels, and present a more consistent brand image within its digital ecosystem.


During the first quarter of 2022, a portal audit and two workshops were carried out, involving representatives from Kaeser Italy's marketing and sales departments.

Thanks to the above activities, objectives, criticalities, and areas for improvement were identified, which formed the basis for a series of actions aimed at updating the digital marketing strategy and its related assets.


Data analysis
The web traffic tracking system and the resulting conversions were subject to in-depth analysis and subsequent revisions, which involved both the analysis tools implemented through HubSpot and those managed through Google Tag Manager. This allowed us to gain access to information that could not be collected in the past, improving our understanding of customer journeys.


UX, UI, and Content Curation
The Kaeser4You blog and the landing pages used for lead generation were completely redesigned. These activities, in addition to improving performance, were central to enhancing brand equity and brand consistency.
Similarly, the layouts of several automated emails were redesigned, and some effective, ready-to-use templates were set up directly within the HubSpot platform.
During the redesign activities, an in-depth scouting of active content (blog posts, landing pages, automated emails) was carried out, followed by a reorganization and cleanup process for those deemed obsolete or off-target.


Paid advertising
During the year, some paid campaigns were activated and optimized on Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, particularly during industry trade fairs. The approach to campaign management was oriented towards transferring know-how from the agency to the client, rather than a full outsourcing logic. In this way, the Kaeser Italy team was able to internalize new skills and become autonomous in managing campaigns on a day-to-day basis.





Marketing automation

One of the most delicate aspects of the work carried out coincided with the revision of the automation system active within the HubSpot portal, with the aim of reducing the frequency of communications while making them more relevant to users and strategic for the brand. Among the elements involved were workflows, chatbots, automated emails, and pop-up forms.

In the Client's Words

“Abbiamo trovato in AND EMILI un approccio innovativo che ci ha supportato nella completa ristrutturazione dei nostri principali tools di comunicazione e lead generation, rendendoli molto più attuali ed efficaci. La collaborazione sinergica fatta di condivisione degli obiettivi, unita alle skills e professionalità applicate sono state cruciali per la buona riuscita del progetto.”

A.M. Marketing Product Manager
Kaeser Compressori Italia

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