CIRFOOD Piattaforma eventi


A tool that simplifies the event organization process, making it more efficient and controlled.

The Client

With more than 50 years of history, CIRFOOD is one of the main Italian companies in the field of collective catering, commercial catering and welfare services. Thanks to the commitment of around 13,000 people, the real strength of the company, CIRFOOD is active in 17 regions and 74 provinces in Italy, in Holland and in Belgium.

Services provided


CIRFOOD expressed the need for a web tool for organizing events following the opening of the CIRFOOD DISTRICT, the research and innovation center where new solutions in the nutrition and food service fields are designed and tested. Requirements of the new digital platform included being able to manage logistical and organizational aspects: from planning to promoting the event, from registration to participation, in person or in streaming. All these aspects while offering an impeccable user experience.


The CIRFOOD event platform is a web-based solution with private access, integrated with the CIRFOOD DISTRICT website, designed and developed by the AND EMILI Digital Product Design team.

How is the platform structured? 

  • event management back-end with private access for the CIRFOOD team;
  • proprietary system, called Landing Receiver, integrated in the back-end that allows the creation and end-to-end management of forms;
  • API for integration with CIRFOOD websites.

What are its general features? 

  • creation of public and/or private events;
  • simplified event registration;
  • sending of digital tickets or links for joining the event via email;
  • sending of reminder emails;
  • passwordless streaming event authentication;
  • interaction during streaming events with live Q&A and live Poll;
  • publication of the assets of the event;
  • events are made available for rewatching them asynchronously;
  • integration with calendars from various providers;
  • mobile app for reading digital tickets.

How does event management work? 

CIRFOOD organizers can independently create/update events thanks to a secure and easy-to-use web-based CMS.

They also can rely on a mobile app for managing the quick check-in of participants in face-to-face events by reading their QR-codes.

What technology is it based on? 

The platform is based on the Umbraco 10 open source CMS and Microsoft .NET 6 technology. Content management is integrated with Landing Receiver, thus allowing end-to-end management of the forms, from the definition of the fields to the integration of external services (CRM , email senders and other platforms). The platform natively includes a system for managing online and offline events with a dedicated native mobile app.

How are reporting and metrics handled? 

The main KPIs of the project have been defined in collaboration with the CIRFOOD team. The measurements are recorded both in an aggregate way (by type/role) and by individual user and include the most significant metrics:

  • number of accesses:
  • session time;
  • real-time reports of Q&A and Poll.

AND EMILI has also made available to the Client a web dashboard to allow real-time monitoring of the project KPIs.

In the Client's Words

La soluzione progettata insieme ad AND EMILI ci ha aiutato a rendere più semplice e flessibile la gestione degli eventi del CIRFOOD DISTRICT. Questa piattaforma ci consente oggi di gestire con estrema efficacia diversi aspetti on e off line legati agli appuntamenti programmati nel nostro Centro di Ricerca e Innovazione. Il Team di AND EMILI ha saputo interpretare le nostre esigenze, traducendole in uno strumento smart, nel vero e proprio senso della parola: brillante, intelligente, furbo.

L. M. Marketing & Digital Communication Strategy Manager, CIRFOOD

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